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Love Is Blind: Sweden - Netflix
Alice Lange

Love Is Blind: Sweden is a dating show hosted by Jessica Almenäs.

“Love Is Blind: Sweden” is a program in which several people will get to know each other, without seeing each other’s faces first, and commit to marriage to move to the next level of the program: getting to know each other with faces and living together.

Each boy and boy and girl must choose a partner, match, and fall in love.

This time, from Sweden with love.

About the Show

“My love life is like a bad movie: my friends grab popcorn and laugh their heads off.” That is how one of the contestants describes her life, and that is why she is here, on “Love Is Blind: Sweden”, a dating show that aims to add a spicy and adventurous touch to this quest for love and, above all, entertain the loneliest hearts among the audience.

Entertaining? Yes, it is spicy, provocative, and always tries to bring a smile to your face. It is a program for all audiences: they are gorgeous and charming, they are handsome and charming. They all have promising careers and earn money. We only wonder: why are such people single?

We learn that Sweden is one of the countries with the most singles in the world, among many other things. Some contestants are funnier than others, but they all have something that, of course, makes them special.

A program to sit down and enjoy, a reality show that, even if it does not uncover anything new, will repeat the success of a formula that, despite what some people may say, continues to work on television.

Enjoy it while we wait for spring!

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