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Love Like a K-Drama
TV Shows MCM
TV Shows MCM

Love Like a K-Drama is a reality show series directed by Yoshiaki Suzuki.

What happens when fiction and non-fiction mix? Yes, it’s true that the question may not seem new, but our friends at Netflix have decided to take it further: a reality show that takes place on the set of a Korean drama, which will also serve to bring together Japanese actresses and Korean actors.

It’s like cinema within cinema, as François Truffaut would say, but in its more… affectionate television version.

About “Love Like a K-Drama”

“Love Like a K-Drama” presents itself as the classic reality show where instead of being locked in a house, they are on a movie set. We have a host, actors and actresses, and of course, what drives the whole plot: love.

The main characters will have to film kissing scenes (just kisses, mind you), and from there, we’ll see if love blossoms… or not.

Let’s see what happens.

As is customary with some series from Korea, the show airs once a week for us to enjoy it in small doses.

Enjoy and feel that tingling sensation that can only be felt when you’re in love.

Merry Christmas!

Love Like a K-Drama

Love Like a K-Drama
Love Like a K-Drama

Original title: 韓国ドラマな恋がしたい
Year: 2023
Country: Japan
Director: Yoshiaki Suzuki
Companies: Abema, TV Man Union, Netflix
Genre: Reality Show
About the Show: Transcending boundaries between Korea and Japan, this reality dating show intertwines dreams, love, and friendships, immersing participants in the heart-fluttering romance emblematic of Korean dramas. Playing the role of host in Seoul, South Korea will be Yuko Fueki, while the studio commentators include Haruna Kondo of comedy duo Harisenbon, A-chan from musical group Perfume, Shusuke Fukutoku of comedy duo JaruJaru, Hayato Komori of musical group GENERATIONS, and Maria Tani.

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