‘Luz: The Light of the Heart’ (2024): A new Brazilian series on Netflix for younger viewers

Luz: The Light of the Heart - Netflix
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Luz: The Light of the Heart is a youth series starring Marianna Santos, Daniel Rocha Azavedo and Gabriela Moreira.

“Luz: The Light of the Heart” is a thrilling, mysterious and magical adventure series filled with friendship, hope and innocence, making it a production that brings brightness and inspiration to the world.

The show portrays a sense of faith in life, nature and humanity, with a touch of suspense that adds to its appeal.


Luz, a young girl raised by the Kaingang community, must return to confront her past and the evil Don Carlos, a wealthy chief who will stop at nothing to destroy her.

But Luz finds comfort in her new friends and protectors within the indigenous community, her kind teacher Marcos, many friends at her new school, and her loyal firefly friends who protect her wherever she goes.

About the Series

“Luz: The Light of the Heart” is a well-made Brazilian series for young audiences. Don’t expect it to win any film awards or have elaborate artistic concepts – it is a youth-oriented series where the real stars are the kids, their ideas and mischief.

However, it still boasts good production value, elaborate shots, and a well-paced script and sequence construction. It is enjoyable to watch, as it combines elements of suspense and thriller (the story of Luz’s abandonment even has macabre elements) and goes beyond the typical youth production.

Luz has a dramatic backstory, which adds depth to this story that would have otherwise been just another insignificant youth series. The dramatic (or tragic) elements blend perfectly without losing the youthful and hopeful tone of the show.

Technically, it is a well-produced series, with stunning natural landscapes and a chance to admire Brazil, a wonderful country full of diverse beliefs and worlds that collide: the world of magic, reality, and suspense.

A charming, heartwarming and beautiful series that has all the elements in its script to appeal to its target audience: youth.


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