Neal Brennan: Crazy Good (2024) Stand-up comedy special premieres on Netflix

A Show Between Irony and Sanity with Neal Brennan

Neal Brennan: Crazy Good
Molly Se-kyung

Neal Brennan: Crazy Good is a stand-up comedy special starring Neal Brennan.

Neal Brennan takes us on a journey through the inappropriate, openly discussing some of the most controversial and contentious topics. He doesn’t shy away from making jokes about major religions through mock television advertisements. However, his funniest quip may just be about atheists, who according to Brennan, consider themselves above all else.

The performance doesn’t end there. With the air of a family man and a serious demeanor, Brennan delivers a stand-up routine that, without much gesticulation, provides a comprehensive overview of everything – current events, new societal schemes, cryptocurrencies, but most significantly, his bewildered expression in face of our ever-changing society. Each day seems different from the previous one and it appears no one feels quite at ease anymore.

“Neal Brennan: Crazy Good” is a stand-up routine that is, without a doubt, going to stir up conversations, which is precisely the point, offering many insights into the public sentiment.

Indeed, week after week, we find that humor brings a dose of realism that, curiously enough, we can’t find in newspapers. Yes, in television shows like this, we might feel a bit more understood, less alone, thinking that, in some way, we are all a little less mad.

A dose of sanity in this crazy world.


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Who is Neal Brennan

Neal Brennan: Crazy Good
Neal Brennan: Crazy Good

Neal Brennan is an American writer, comedian, actor, and director. He is best known for co-creating the Comedy Central sketch comedy series “Chappelle’s Show” alongside Dave Chappelle. Brennan has also written for popular TV shows such as “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” and “Inside Amy Schumer”. He has released several comedy specials including “3 Mics” on Netflix. Brennan continues to perform stand-up comedy and make appearances on various podcasts and talk shows.

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