“New Bandits” (2023) on Prime Video

New Bandits (Cangaço Novo in Portuguese) is a Brazilian action-adventure series created by Eduardo Melo and Mariana Bardan. It stars Allan Souza Lima, Alice Carvalho, and Thainá Duarte.

It premieres on Amazon Prime Video on August 18, 2023.

In search of financial assistance to cover the medical expenses of his ailing adoptive father, Ubaldo, a bank clerk with no recollection of his early years, finds himself adrift. However, his circumstances take a turn when he unexpectedly inherits a substantial sum of money. This inheritance proves to be a pivotal moment in Ubaldo’s life, as it sets him on a path that will forever alter his destiny. He embarks on a journey to Cratará, a remote location nestled in the heart of the northwest desert. It is here that Ubaldo will assume the role of the leader among a group of merciless bandits, fulfilling the legacy left behind by his biological father – a legendary cangaceiro.

Release Date

August 18, 2023

Where to Watch New Bandits

Prime video

New Bandits

New Bandits

Name: Cangaço Novo

Description: Adrift and desperately needing money to pay for his ailing adoptive father's care, Ubaldo, a bank clerk who's unable to remember his childhood, receives an inheritance that will change his destiny for good. He goes to Cratará, in the heart of the northwest desert, where he'll become the leader of a pack of ruthless bandits, fulfilling the legacy of his biological father - a mythical cangaceiro.

Seasons: 1

Country: Brazil

Director(s): Eduardo Melo, Mariana Bardan, Aly Muritiba, Fábio Mendonça

Writer(s): Erez Milgrom, Fernando Garrido, Viviane Pistache

Cinematography: Azul Serra, Alexandre Ermel

Music: Érico Theobaldo, Beto Villares

Genre: Action, Drama

Actor(s): Allan Souza Lima, Alice Carvalho, Thainá Duarte, Ricardo Blat, Marcélia Cartaxo, Hermila Guedes,

Companies: O2 Filmes

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