Ólóládé (2023) A Comedy Series on Netflix: A nice series that, without transcending, manages to entertain thanks to its likeable characters and their way of understanding life

Martin Cid
Martin Cid

Ólóládé is a Nigerian series directed by Olawale Adetula starring Kunle Idowu, Femi Adebayo, and Mide Martins.

“Ólóládé” is a dark comedy of deaths… a farce where laughing about tragedy and misfortunes is always healthy and refreshing.

Technically, it’s not anything groundbreaking, but it’s saved by the charming characters that bring a relaxed tone to this movie, which is almost unintentional.

We won’t get into whether there is social criticism or not: it’s entertaining, fun, and you’ll have a good time in the company of these likable characters, and it’s easily forgotten as soon as it’s consumed.

However, it will help the country’s industry thanks to Netflix and its powerful international distribution, and for that alone, we’re delighted.


“Ólóládé” is a dark comedy that chronicles the journey of two friends who stumble upon unexpected wealth and establish a betting enterprise to pursue their aspirations. However, as the true source of their fortune is unveiled, they are driven to commit murder and find themselves ensnared in a perilous money laundering scheme.

Series Review

A series that doesn’t take itself or the situation seriously, not even the characters think too much about the situations. They’re simply here to entertain us with this series, and that’s it.

The two main characters are likable and know how to laugh ironically about the situation. It’s not transcendental irony, it’s simply letting the series unfold with some laughs – sometimes easy ones -, a few glasses of wine, and one tangle overlapping another.

It’s simple in terms of the script and aesthetic treatment. There are no grandiose montages or spectacular sequences: dialogues mostly consist of shot-reverse-shot, relying on the performances of actors who, inspired and funny, always know how to walk the line of parody without crossing it.

Our Opinion

“Ólóládé” is simple, perhaps even simplistic, but it’s also very likable and entertaining. It finds a balance in a farcical comedy.

Not much more than that.

Premiere Date

November 24, 2023

Where to Watch “Ólóládé”




Original title: Ólóládé
Year: 2023
Country: Nigeria
Director: Olawale Adetula
Cast: Kunle Idowu, Femi Adebayo, Mide Martins, Liz DaSilva, Lanre Ayanwale, Damilola Oni, Mercy Aigbe, Debby Felix, Debo Adebayo
Distributor: Netflix

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