“Physical: 100” Second Season on Netflix: Who Among These 100 Athletes is the Best Prepared?

Physical: 100 is a South Korean television program in which 100 contestants participate in an elimination contest in which it will be decided who possesses the best body.

“Physical: 100” invites Olympic swimmers, gymnasts, soccer players, wrestlers, bodybuilders, dancers, or even models to compete in a series of tests to determine who among the 100 participants is the fittest and, ultimately, possesses the best body with the greatest athletic virtues.

What Can We Find in “Physical: 100”?

“Physical: 100” is a Korean TV show that pushes the human body to its limits and tries to combine several sports disciplines to, by facing them and making no distinction between the sexes, find out who among these 100 athletes is the best prepared.

This is not a race between sports disciplines nor is it about choosing which sport is the most complete, because “Physical: 100” is a reality show where, additionally, the competitors will interact with each other and there is a strong emphasis on healthy competition among athletes of the highest level.

Yes, all of them are from South Korea, since it’s a Korean program.

Tests of Skill and Destruction, but also of Ingenuity

In this second season, Netflix increases the level of ingenuity, and the contestants will not only have to face physical challenges, but will also face a maze, team tests.

Furthermore, the program directly confronts the participants, with frequent hand-to-hand fights and other tests that prioritize, above all, physical intensity, always with a carefully crafted sense of spectacle.

Remember that ’80s series about American gladiators that was so successful? Somewhat in that style, though without spectators.

The Venue: The Mine

In this second season, subtitled “Underground”, the contestants will have to descend into a mine, equipped with various elements in a setting specially prepared for the competition. Like in the first season, we hardly see the sunlight, and the whole series takes place in semi-darkness to underscore the tension of the competition.

Our Opinion

Do you like sports? This is a way to see how various high-level sports disciplines face each other in a program that aims to be, above all, a spectacle, and it succeeds. It is aimed at fans of sports and bodybuilding, who will no doubt enjoy this reality show where, above all, healthy competition prevails.

Release date

Tuesday, March 19, 2023

Where to Watch “Physical: 100”


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