“Queer Eye” Season 8 – Netflix’s most Queer series

Queer Eye - Netflix
Alice Lange
Alice Lange

Queer Eye is a television show starring Bobby Berk, Karamon Brown and Tan France among others.

Five guys out there… changing the lives and style of some chosen ones. Each one contributes something to their lives: aesthetics, design, food choices… all to enhance the lives of different kinds of people they bring that unique Queer touch to.

You know those series where skilled guys go around fixing houses? “Queer Eye” is a bit like that, but with lives: our five friends go around fixing all kinds of problems, even if they are more on the sentimental side, adding their touch and, above all, their sense of humor.

Our five protagonists are peculiar, yes, but so are the people they help, who have problems of all kinds. They are all very different, and some have very eccentric quirks like hunting and cooking raccoons, but our friends get along with them wonderfully.

“Queer Eye” is, above all, a series with a great vibe and a lot of humor that will make you laugh out loud, and it also appeals to emotions and humanity.

Forget about negativity and anger because these five guys from “Queer Eye” have returned, for the eighth time, to make our lives much more fun and interesting.

Enjoy it!

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