Ready, Set, Love (2024): A hilarious comedy about finding a boyfriend

Ready, Set, Love - Netflix
Martin Cid
Martin Cid

Ready, Set, Love is a series starring Pongtiwat Tangwancharoen, Kemisara Paladesh, Man Trisanu Soranun and Apichaya Thongkham.

From Thailand comes this absurd comedy full of stereotypes, easy situations, and with absolutely no connection to social gender equality.

A silly and senseless series that only aims to entertain.

A reality show within a series that relies on eccentricity, cheap jokes, and foolish situations.

We didn’t mind adding a dose of stupidity to our lives.


After a hormonal imbalance, women started giving birth only to girls, making the few remaining men a valuable commodity.

Once a year, with the sponsorship of a milk brand, a reality show randomly selects five bachelors from the chosen ones.

About the series

Did you like “Barbie” (2023)? “Ready, Set, Love” is something similar in terms of aesthetics, full of pastel colors; somewhat similar in its philosophical approach (nonsense everywhere); but without the activist tone and without any message at all. It is probably an outdated series that has nothing to do with modern roles and that, precisely, is its main virtue: it goes almost completely against modernity and, by internally mocking it, manages to be an interesting comedy that knows how to be just a comedy.

Technically, it is not bad at all, with a good pace and editing. Adequate character development in line with the plot (don’t expect much in this aspect) and an intrigue around the contest that adds some spice to everything.

We cannot praise it too much, due to the fear of censorship from the majority opinion groups, but the series was entertaining, attractive, and knew how to bring out the best of itself with a stupid idea that turns widespread stupidity into its greatest virtue.

Our Opinion

Silly, stupid, senseless, and one of those series that doesn’t make us better human beings.

But I confess that I had a great time watching it.

Where to Watch “Ready, Set, Love”


The Cast

Pongtiwat Tangwancharoen
Pongtiwat Tangwancharoen
image 37
Nichapalak Thongkham
Kemisara Paladesh
Kemisara Paladesh
Natthaweeranuch Thongmee
Natthaweeranuch Thongmee
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