“Risqué Business: The Netherlands and Germany” (2024): A new and fun adventure, this time in Europe

Risqué Business: The Netherlands and Germany - Netflix
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Risqué Business: The Netherlands and Germany” is a documentary series created by Kim In-shik starring Shin Dong-youp and singer Sung Si-kyung.

They begin in the Netherlands and Germany, taking a more serious approach than the previous two seasons. They explain the Red Light District in Amsterdam and delve into it, interviewing a couple who engage in sexual activities up to six times a night on stage. Our two South Korean comedians maintain a respectful tone throughout, almost like newscasters, as they shift to a more documentary style and momentarily forget that they are comedians hosting a humorous show.

As they reach Berlin, the night becomes even more serious with the Berlin clubs where almost everything is permitted and adults-only activities are practiced. To conclude this journey, in the sixth episode of the season, we get to see a very unique marriage: a woman with two husbands. Our friends speak with them and try to understand the situation, while also showcasing it to the world.

Moving on to the second season, after visiting Taiwan and Japan, we now explore Europe and witness significant differences, especially in the attitude of our hosts. They seem to take things more seriously and let the interviewees and situations take the spotlight. Indeed, we are in two of the most liberal countries in the world with many stories to tell, more clubs open to these pleasures, and a more active mindset and relaxed attitude towards these establishments.

This third season is perhaps more informative, with six episodes in a travel documentary style where we can discover these places, immerse ourselves in them, and learn what goes on there. It is an interesting series that consistently delivers on its promises and neither disappoints nor surprises. It is exactly what it claims to be, and it does so with enthusiasm and great hosts. However, this time with a slightly less humorous tone than the previous two seasons.

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The Cast

Shin Dong-yup
Shin Dong-yup
Sung Si-kyung
Sung Si-kyung
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