“Rosa Peral’s Tapes” (2023) True-Crime Documentary on Netflix: Was the trial against Rosa Peral a fair trial?

Rosa Peral's Tapes
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Rosa Peral’s Tapes is a true-crime documentary directed by Carles Vidal Novellas and Manuel Pérez.

Was the trial against Rosa Peral a fair trial? It was the most high-profile case of its time and for good reason: three members of the Civil Guard in a love triangle, with one of them ending up brutally murdered, their body burned and thrown into a swamp.

The accused were two other civil guards who accused each other, while the third possibility was that they both acted in agreement. And at the center of the controversy was the woman, Rosa Peral. The press invaded her private life and extensively reported on her romantic relationships and character, portraying her as a seductive and even ambitious woman.

The press did a lot to portray Rosa Peral as a brutal harpy, manipulative, and calculating before the trial. Now, from prison, Rosa Peral herself speaks and gives us her version of how the prosecution exaggerated and even invented theories that, beyond the facts, led to her 25-year prison sentence.

It was no longer just a homicide, but rather a murder charge (which includes premeditation in Spain). Furthermore, it was a trial with a jury, with susceptible individuals: were these fair-minded people able to isolate themselves from the media frenzy, or did it influence the verdict?

This documentary offers Rosa’s version, which is completely necessary and completely fair: we must listen to all parties involved, and it adds more controversy to a case that, now accompanied by a series premiering on Netflix today (“El Cuerpo en llamas“), will ensure that we do not forget the case of the Civil Guard that has caused a stir in Spain.

Documentary Trailer

Rosa Peral’s Tapes

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