“Scissor Seven” (2018-) Season 4 Now Available on Netflix

Scissor Seven
TV Shows MCM
TV Shows MCM

Scissor Seven is a Chinese animated series that is available on Netflix. It is a wuxia, action, and comedy series about a scissor-wielding assassin who is also a hairdresser. The series follows Seven as he tries to piece together his lost memory while also dealing with the various factions and characters that populate the world around him.

Scissor Seven has four seasons, all of which are available on Netflix.

Season 4 Episode List

The “Immortal” Black Bird

image 147

In order to save Thirteen, Seven engages in a intense battle with Blackbird, while a hidden past of the Flying Bird Sect resurfaces.

Assassinating the Leader

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Green Phoenix arrives at the headquarters of the Shadow Assassins, capitalizing on an opportune moment to enact a meticulously planned scheme of retribution.

Saving Seven

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Dai Bo successfully overcomes a series of obstacles in order to locate Seven, who has now become the target of several highly skilled Shadow assassins.

Overnight at the Store

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At a convenience store located on Chicken Island, Seven’s acquaintance, Ordinary Assassin, finds themselves face-to-face with an armed robber. However, their encounter takes an unexpected turn.

Crisis on the Island 2

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Upon the arrival of White Fox, Chicken Island finds itself confronted by a newfound peril. As Seven regains consciousness, he is confronted with a phone call that exudes an air of intimidation.

Huilian’s Past

image 147 5

Chairman Jiang sets off on a quest to the Heaven Lily Sect, where she and Quan had a fateful encounter in the past, with the sole purpose of rescuing a cherished individual.

Red Tooth’s Past

image 147 6

After many years since the tragic decline of the Heaven Lily Sect, Chairman Jiang finds herself faced with the daunting task of confronting her former lover, who has succumbed to the possession of a malevolent demon.

The Decision

image 147 7

As the feline and canine inhabitants of Chicken Island make preparations for an impending assault on White Fox, Seven becomes entangled in a fierce struggle against the effects of three distinct toxins coursing through his system.

Showdown on the Chicken Island

image 147 8

Upon their arrival at Chicken Island, the Prince of Stan and Cola find themselves facing a formidable opponent in the form of the powerful White Fox. However, their efforts are soon bolstered by an unexpected source of assistance.

Green Phoenix’s Revenge

image 147 9

Green Phoenix faces his own fears as he strives to confront a formidable adversary. However, the situation becomes even more difficult as Thirteen is being held captive, leaving Green Phoenix with a challenging decision to make.

About the other seasons

Season 1: Seven is a hairdressing assassin who is trying to piece together his lost memory. He is hired by various clients to kill people, but he often has trouble completing his assignments. In the first season, Seven meets a variety of characters, including a chicken who is the king of chickens, a man who can turn into a shadow, and a woman who is the leader of a cat clan.

Season 2: Seven continues to search for his lost memory while also dealing with the various factions and characters that populate the world around him. In the second season, Seven learns more about his past and the people who are trying to hunt him down. He also meets new characters, such as a woman who can control flowers and a man who can summon spirits.

Season 3: Seven finally learns the truth about his past and the people who are trying to hunt him down. He must use all of his skills and abilities to protect the people he cares about and to defeat his enemies.

Scissor Seven
Scissor Seven

Season 4 Release Date

September 20, 2023

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The Cast

He Xiaofeng
He Xiaofeng
Duan Yixuan
Duan Yixuan
Chengchen Zhao
Chengchen Zhao
Jiang Guangtao
Jiang Guangtao
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