Season 2 of “Full Swing” on Netflix: for passionate golf lovers

Full Swing
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Full Swing is a series created by James Gay-Rees.

In the second season, we will witness the journey of Rory McIlroy, Tom Kim, and the rivalry between brothers Adam and Tom Fitzpatrick. The year 2023 will be marked by the Ryder Cup and the merger between the PGA and LIV leagues. Rory McIlroy chose to stay with the PGA, while the LIV Golf, in its first season, saw some players leave and being labeled as traitors for choosing money over the traditional sport.

“Full Swing” takes us on an exciting journey through the 2023 golf season, showcasing the intense competition in each hole, despite its apparent calmness. The first season was dominated by the LIV league, a Saudi golf league that offered astronomical figures such as $200 million for Phil Mickelson and $700 million for Tiger Woods.

However, in the second season, the focus shifts to the players and their rivalries, with the Ryder Cup in Rome being the biggest event. The last two episodes of the series are dedicated to this spectacular competition.

About the series:

As with previous sports documentaries, the format of “Full Swing” is to capture the players’ lives, their private lives, passions, and ambitions, and then show them in action on the field. This formula works once again in the world of golf, giving viewers an inside look at this captivating sport. Golf, a sport that evokes strong emotions among its fans, was divided in 2022 but is now back in all its intensity.

This series is a must-watch for golf enthusiasts and those looking to learn more about this exciting sport. Enjoy!

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