Single’s Inferno: Season 3 of the Reality Show available on Netflix on Dec 12

Single's Inferno
Veronica Loop

Single’s Inferno is a reality show created by Kim Jae-won and Kim Na-hyun.

In its first season, this Korean reality show ranked as the fourth most-watched Netflix program internationally. Divided into two realms – heaven and hell – the contestants find themselves in a situation where they cannot reveal anything about their personal lives. In hell, suffering and desperation prevail, but if a couple is formed, they are then transferred to a paradisiacal hotel where they can indulge in luxury.

With these premises, “Single’s Inferno” returns, a Korean reality show that couldn’t resist repeating after the success of its first two seasons. The appeal remains the same: young, attractive boys and girls, plenty of sunshine, and the irresistible charm of a paradise island to fall in love on.

What more could reality fans ask for?

Starting this Tuesday, we can continue to enjoy the adventures and misadventures of these attractive young people in their swimwear.

May your hearts be filled with love and enjoy!

Season 3 release date

December 12, 2023

Where to Watch “Single’s Inferno”


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