Stavros Halkias: Fat Rascal (2023) Stand-Up Comedy on Netflix: the Inconspicuous Charm of Self-Irony

Stavros Halkias presents this stand-up special from his Fat Rascal tour. As you can see in the video presentation, this man brings us a daring and irreverent humor that, for sure, will make you smile more than once.

A friendly show that brings us this man who doesn’t mind admitting that, in one word, he’s overweight. It doesn’t seem to bother him, and he carries it without any complexes, with Hawaiian shirts and without a sense of embarrassment.

As for the show, anecdotes and stories from (supposedly) his own life when he boards a plane and other situations give Stavros Halkias the perfect excuse to showcase what has led him to success: a classic sense of humor that, although not everyone will like it (we warned you), has his fans captivated, enthusiastically applauding each new occurrence.

Stavros Halkias is, above all, a personality who doesn’t hesitate to make fun of himself and everything else. He will undoubtedly make us have a good time with his jokes, sometimes quite risqué for some.

That’s what comedy is all about, in essence, taking us out of our comfort zone and leading us to those places where the brain, for a few seconds, breaks and achieves that wonderful phenomenon known worldwide as laughter.

Laugh a lot and enjoy it.

Release date

December 5, 2023

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About Stavros Halkias

Stavros Halkias
Stavros Halkias

Stavros Halkias was born on February 11, 1989, in Baltimore, Maryland. Raised by Greek immigrant parents, with a Macedonian mother and an Athenian father, Halkias grew up in a multicultural household. He attended the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, a public high school where he also played football. After completing high school, Halkias pursued higher education at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), where he worked as an intern at Marc Steiner’s Center for Emerging Media. Read more

Stavros Halkias: Fat Rascal

Stavros Halkias: Fat Rascal

Movie title: Stavros Halkias: Fat Rascal

Movie description: A snapshot of a man whose many vices are actively getting the best of him and a collection of observations, interesting experiences, and sexual embarrassments from 2 years of non-stop touring

Date published: December 4, 2023

Country: United States

Duration: 55 mins

Actor(s): Stavros Halkias

Genre: Stand-Up Comedy

Companies: Netflix


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