Taylor Tomlinson: Have It All – A Comedy Special on Netflix

Taylor Tomlinson: Have It All - Netflix
Alice Lange
Alice Lange

Taylor Tomlinson is a woman who wants it all and has had, as she confesses, a great year, an impressive year professionally that has now led her to a Netflix special of stand-up.

A complete success, no doubt, but does she really have it all? The lovely Taylor Tomlinson confesses a whole festival of embarrassing blunders starting with an auction for Hugh Jackman’s gloves, which (according to her) she spent the money on for this program.

A woman who knows how to make the most of an anecdote and exude all the charm she has, making the audience in Washington D.C. adore her, because this comedian knows how to give just the right touch of boldness to, without seeming prudish at all, come across as one of those sweet and friendly women who, with a hint of daring, make life more fun for everyone.

A special that includes her thoughts on motherhood, dating apps, her opinions on TikTok, and a few more that she knows how to deliver with naturalness and, of course, hilarity.

Taylor Tomlinson has that virtue that makes a comedian great: she knows how to be liked by all kinds of audiences, because she doesn’t make fun of anyone except herself, putting herself in the center and confessing to being a real person who can’t seem to stop messing up.

The perfect identification with the audience, with a natural and friendly performance that makes this “Taylor Tomlinson” a highly recommended stand-up.

Enjoy it.

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About Taylor Tomlinson

In the world of stand-up comedy, few rising stars have made as big of an impact as Taylor Tomlinson. With her quick wit, relatable humor, and unique perspective on everyday life, Tomlinson has captured the hearts of audiences around the world. From her early days performing in church basements to her current role as the host of CBS’ late-night show “After Midnight,” Tomlinson’s journey to success has been nothing short of remarkable. Read more

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