“Thank You, Next”: A Turkish Romance Series With a Cast of Beauties

Thank You, Next
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Netflix introduces “Thank You, Next”, a Turkish romantic series embellished with the primary elements that have recently charmed audiences with Turkish cinematic offerings: simple and sentimental stories, entertaining narratives, and most notably, exceptionally attractive leads. While “Thank You, Next” might not become the series of your lifetime or captivate critics, it promises enough entertainment to unwind after a long day, cuddle with your pet, watch it in bed, and forget all troubles. It’s a laid-back show about attractive and affluent individuals struggling to find love despite their success, charisma, and attractiveness. What a pity!

Plot Overview

Leyla Taylan, freshly out of a long-term relationship, is a successful lawyer; she’s young, beautiful, friendly, and fun. What could possibly go wrong in her new life? Believe it or not, the singleton world comes with its own set of conflicts too.

“Thank You, Next”: a series that mixes love and comedy

“Thank You, Next” is a straightforward series blending love and comedy around Leyla (played by Serenay Sarıkaya), who is navigating the beginnings of single life, choosing among three men: one handsome, another more so, and a third that, believe it or not, is also handsome. Amidst all this beauty are her friends from the law firm, serving as secondary characters in Leyla’s quest for love. Her adventure takes her from one sensitive beauty to another charming one, to a handsome millionaire… Yes, the typical story but in a series format that, without offending anybody, doesn’t offer anything new but manages to entertain and comfort with the mere fact of not expecting absolutely anything new from it. Interestingly, whenever Leyla feels depressed… guess what she does? You wouldn’t guess: watches Netflix with her adorable dog.

The Actress: Serenay Sarıkaya

Serenay Sarıkaya is quite adept at romantic comedy, having starred in several such as “For Both of Us” (2016) and “The Family” (2023). Leyla may not be a role brimming with substance, but it is one that captivates the audience. Some may be drawn by her undeniable beauty, others by her charm and comedic talent. It’s unlikely anyone would be captivated, at least with this role, by any dramatic intensity. This isn’t the series for that.

Sarıkaya is a true professional, offering a straightforward portrayal of a straightforward character who, above all, seeks to please the audience: she does this by being likeable, charming, and amusing. She brings an interesting comedic touch to the role, yet at its core, it’s a role that showcases her more human and enchanting side. And she is indeed very human and enchanting.

Our Opinion

“Thank You, Next” is a simple romantic comedy that, in terms of comedy, is gentle and favors a knowing smile over outright laughter; as for the romance, it’s a story for single men and women that boldly says: there’s still hope! Then we look at ourselves in the mirror and make the usual choice: watch Netflix with our dog and casually glance at our phone. No messages. Well, let’s see what’s on Netflix: a Turkish series for today!

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