“The 8 Show”: A Hilarious Comedy Series on Netflix Blending Thriller, Metaphor, and Entertainment

"The 8 Show" is a Korean series created by Han Jae-rim starring Ryu Jun-yeol, Chun Woo-hee, Park Jung-min and Park Hae-Joon.

Starting today, Netflix brings us “The 8 Show,” an entertaining series that immerses viewers in a setting reminiscent of The Squid Game but with entirely different intentions. This show is driven by a rich sense of irony and humor, sometimes veering into the absurd.

“The 8 Show” is a comedic take on capitalism and social classes, filled with intrigue and unexpected surprises.


Eight players are gathered in a confined space to participate in a game set in a fictional scenario. They are recruited to play a game about inflation and time: either they spend time or money, while the prize and game duration fluctuate based on their expenditures. The players must work together to uncover societal rules, such as how prizes change depending on the floor they are on.

This game is a commentary on capitalism, inflation, social structures, and expenditures—what some might call economics.

“The 8 Show”: A Series Whose Strength Lies in Its Narrative

The 8 Show
The 8 Show

This Korean adaptation of Lord of the Flies (1954), William Golding’s classic literature piece, is highly entertaining. In “The 8 Show,” participants must navigate a world of exaggerated inflation and exorbitant prices, where everything, despite living in a community, boils down to social class and money. It’s capitalism in its purest form.

The series doesn’t shy away from critiquing the current state of affairs and housing prices in places like South Korea, where it takes almost a lifetime to pay off a mortgage in Seoul. Although the game is fictional, the metaphor of this comedic and socially critical game is undeniable.

However, “The 8 Show” is not Golding’s novel; it transitions from comedy to thriller as it evolves, with character tensions mounting due to the game’s rules and incidents. The eight-episode series progresses from surprise to surprise, becoming increasingly dark and macabre while maintaining its comedic tone. It’s a journey through unexpected twists, resulting in a psychedelic and surreal narrative.


In terms of production, the series isn’t groundbreaking. It features a limited number of settings and doesn’t boast a complex structure at the production level. The focus is on the eight actors, their conflicts, and the script, plot, and situations rather than production design or ambiance. With good cinematography, the series presents a visually appealing proposal without aiming for high-budget aesthetics.

Our Opinion

At first glance, you might think of The Squid Game before starting “The 8 Show,” but this series, despite a seemingly similar premise, offers a completely different experience, constantly playing with deception.

This series knows how to start in one way, surprise with a twist, and end up being unlike anything you initially expected. Enjoy the ride.

Where to Watch “The 8 Show”


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