“The Baxters” Season 3. Prime Video series for lovers of classic, family-friendly television

The Baxters
Alice Lange

The Baxters is a TV series starring Ted McGinley, Roma Downey, Ali Cobrin, Masey McLain, Josh Plasse and Emily Peterson.

You know those shows (usually American) presenting a perfect family, wealthy, and with kids having bright futures because they’re blond and studying medicine? Well, meet the Baxters, who are absolutely nothing like The Simpsons: They’re attractive, happy, and often speak to their church pastor.

This is not, by any means, anything like a Scorsese film.

The Baxters
The Baxters

About the Show

Prime Video takes family-friendly productions seriously, and this time they’ve outdone themselves with this series that puts Hallmark to shame.

The series features Ali Cobrin leading a cast that, while not full of superstars, is packed with handsome folks like Ted McGinley and Roma Downey playing the clan’s leaders.

But don’t think it’s going to be all roses for the protagonists. Our friends will face many challenges like infidelity, academic problems, youthful and mature love affairs… all to portray these lives that, while not totally perfect, have a lot to tell their audience.

So here’s another option for this weekend and for a family-oriented audience, who we’re sure will enjoy this series that offers (sincerely, no sarcasm) all the charm of those delightful TV shows where a family navigates life and grows together.

In any case, and since the rest of us mortals aren’t going to come close to their beauty and perfection, it’s always an extraordinary experience to see how these people live. Even though they seem to have it all and we may envy everything they have, they too have their undercurrents of unhappiness.

They might not have our problems, they might be more attractive and wealthier, and we may envy them with every fiber of our being… but they’re not perfect either.

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