The Believers (2024) Thai Series on Netflix: Three young individuals start a rather unique business: a Buddhist temple

The Believers
Alice Lange

The Believers is a Thai series directed by Wattanapong Wongwan starring Teeradon Supapunpinyo, Achiraya Nitibhon and Pachara Chirathivat.

Netflix brings us a series today that at least has a curious plot: three young individuals decide to switch their crypto businesses for religion, setting up a Buddhist temple to be able to pay off their substantial debts.

“The Believers” is a series that blends religion, drama, friendship, and business to deliver a show that, while not grabbing your attention with its pace or being a breath-holding thriller, entertains with its slow rhythm and its mix of entrepreneurship movie with a sprinkle of comedy and drama.

The Believers
The Believers

About the series “The Believers”

Don’t expect a Hollywood-style cheeky story because it’s anything but: it’s a slow-paced, even reflective drama about three guys who start a business revolving around the Buddhist religion and who try in some way to make it work with more modern systems.

Yes, in Hollywood’s hands, it would have made for a comedy, or maybe a fast-paced thriller full of satire, but “The Believers” does not want to make that kind of series and instead, it offers a whole view of the religion that, while not tragic, is dramatic in terms of the story it tells and narrated with much pause, it is entertaining, although viewers will have to take things slow (we’re warning you).

Technically, it’s a good series, but it doesn’t catch your attention or impress with its shots or the strength of its images, almost becoming an intimate story of these characters.

Without recommending it, it’s original due to its slow, paused, and even reflective treatment.


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