‘The Final Score’ (2022) – A Miniseries on Netflix

The Final Score (Goles en Contra) is a Netflix miniseries directed by Carlos Moreno, Oscar Ruiz Navia and Claudia Zie, starring Juan Pablo Urrego, Laura Archbold and Carlos Mariño among others.

A dramatic series brought to us from Colombia.


The complicated relationship between the members of the Colombian national team and some dangerous people ended with the death of one defender of the National Team.

The Context

Goles en Contra
The Final Score (2022)

This is a fictional series that documents very well the complex scenario lived in during that era, and how difficult it was to not take “him” into account and still manage to do what they did: play soccer, which went beyond just being a sport. True, this tells the story about the sport that, unfortunately, has little to do with the sport and a lot to do with the organizations behind the sport.

It counts on a lot of realism, and is far away from the traditional Hollywood productions, obviously.

Note to sports and soccer fans: it is very well documented and counts on good characterizations (we really liked “Pacho” Maturana, the dentist), but…. this is a series that goes beyond the sport itself, and it is in that space it finds its essence.

Our Opinion

Daring in evident ways, brazen, even. This series is closer to a social portrait rather than it is an artistic endeavor. I obtains what it seeks out to accomplish due to the theme.

Release Date

November 2, 2022


'The Final Score' (2022) - A Miniseries on Netflix

Laura Archbold / Pamela

'The Final Score' (2022) - A Miniseries on Netflix

Carlos Mariño / Dario

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