The Influencer: A new telenovela on Netflix

The Influencer is a Colombian telenovela starring Mariana Gómez, Juan Manuel Mendoza and Luna Baxter.

If you enjoy soap operas, here is your last chance to indulge in this blend of love, betrayal, heartbreak, and money, in a series that reveals a whole social fabric of deceit and love emanating from an influencer. It is sure to please fans of this kind of production.

The main protagonist is Mariana Gómez, a girl with speech problems who wants to save her family with a viral video. She is betrayed (poor girl gets thrown off a rooftop, no less), and from there, circumstances unfold that will coincidentally lead her to meet an attractive and seductive social media-savvy businessman.

About the series

Sit back and enjoy its 16 episodes filled with encounters and conflicts in this well-produced series with touches of humor. It may not be the best production of the year, but within its genre and with the elements it possesses, it manages to deliver a coherent and entertaining plot that gives the audience exactly what it wants.

It revolves around companies, money, and old romances that die while new ones are born: nothing new in this territory. It may not be the best soap opera of the year, but it is entertaining, light, and embodies all the elements that have made this type of production a global success.

Enjoy it.

Release date

December 13, 2023

Where to Watch “The Influencer”


The Influencer

The Influencer

Name: La Influencer

Description: An influencer will have to clean up her image when she fails in her attempt to create a viral video.

Seasons: 1

Country: Colombia

Music: Romance, Telenovela

Actor(s): Mariana Gómez, Juan Manuel Mendoza, Luna Baxter, Carlos "Pitty" Camacho, Camilo Amores, Marcela Agudelo, Andrea Guzmán, Felipe Calero, Norma Nivia, Daniel Rodríguez, Iván Rodríguez

Companies: Netflix


User Review

2.7 (412 votes)
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