‘The Kingdom Exodus’ Lars von Trier’s New Series

Third season of 'The Kingdom' directed by Lars von Trier. The teaser trailer of 'The Kingdom Exodus' is here!

The Kingdom Exodus is a miniseries by Lars von Trier, co-written with Niels Vorsel. Starring Mikael Persbrandt and Lars Mikkelsen.


Karen has been gripped by the ghost story TV series ‘RIGET’ (The Kingdom), and is dead set on finding the answers to the unresolved questions of the show as she must save the hospital from demise.

Being a sleepwalker, during one her nightly wanderings, she mysteriously finds herself in front of Copenhagen’s prominent hospital Rigshospitalet. The portal to The Kingdom are about to reopen.

About the Series

Lars von Trier directs this 5-episode mini-series, and resumes the TV path, which brought him to fame in the 90’s with the first two seasons of RIGET (The Kingdom).

The series will have world premiere at the Venice Film Festival (La Biennale di Venezia).

Expected Release Date

Late 2022.

About Lars von Trier

Lars Von Trier
Lars Von Trier . Depostiphotos

Lars von Trier is a film director known for his films such as Europe, Nymphomaniac, The House of Jack, and Melancholia.

Lars von Trier was born on April 30, 1956 in Kongens Lyngby, Denmark.

Nowadays, he has written and directed the miniseries The Kingdom Exodus (2022), a new season of the series Riget (The Kingdom).

He was the would and one of the creators of the Dogme 95 movement and he has written and directed a paradox about his own movement, The Boss of It All (2006).

Lars von Trier (born Lars Trier; 30 April 1956) is a Danish film director and screenwriter[4] with a prolific and controversial career spanning more than four decades. His work is known for its genre and technical innovation, confrontational examination of existential, social, and political issues, and his treatment of subjects such as mercy, sacrifice, and mental health. (From Wikipedia)

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