“The Life You Wanted”: A Tale of Tradition and Modernity on Netflix

“The Life You Wanted” is an Italian series created by Ivan Cotroneo and Monica Rametta. It stars Vittoria Schisano, Pina Turco, and Giuseppe Zeno.

Netflix presents the series “The Life You Wanted,” a compelling narrative that intertwines tradition and modernity. This series narrates the story of unique protagonists, delving into themes of gender and identity. Prior to transitioning, the protagonist fathered a child with his friend while still living as a man.

“The Life You Wanted” starts as a cheerful and humorous story but gradually evolves into a more dramatic and emotional tale. It juxtaposes a traditional family perspective against the complex lives of individuals who must confront the consequences of youthful indiscretions in their adult lives. Set against an Italian backdrop, the series explores the passage of time, familial bonds, and human relationships. While it incorporates elements of thriller and intrigue, its core focus remains on the characters surrounding the central figure, Gloria, who stands out as a captivating personality.

Vittoria Schisano delivers a remarkable performance as Gloria, fully embracing the significance of the role and seizing the international platform that Netflix provides.

Plot Summary

Gloria is a successful woman, beloved by all. One day, Marina, her old friend from Palermo, arrives, requesting to stay with her along with her two children. Before becoming a woman, Gloria was a man and, unbeknownst to her, had fathered a child with Marina. Now, Gloria and Marina must navigate the uncertainties of their past, a present fraught with challenges, and a future that demands resolution.

About the Series

“The Life You Wanted” is a straightforward and traditional series, with a character-driven narrative rather than a visually driven one. It maintains a conventional script rhythm, choice of shots, and photographic style. Despite this traditional approach, it tells a story that breaks conventional molds, offering a new perspective on tradition, time, and family life.

The series employs numerous flashbacks to the friends’ earlier lives but follows a chronological structure in the main storyline. It does not rely on an innovative narrative formula or striking visuals to captivate the audience. Instead, it focuses on the central character of Gloria and the development of the supporting characters. It is neither a drama nor a comedy but rather a series that delves into the psychology of its characters, presenting their issues with a touch of humor amidst the drama.

“The Life You Wanted” is crafted with immense care for its characters. The creators appear to refrain from imposing or standing out, allowing the actors and the story itself to take center stage, with Gloria leading the way.

The Leading Role: Vittoria Schisano as Gloria

Vittoria Schisano has been acting since her debut in “Crazy Dog” in 2012. After some years away from the screen, “The Life You Wanted” marks her opportunity to gain international recognition. Schisano offers a heartfelt yet restrained and balanced performance in a role that seems tailor-made for her. She brings depth to the character, making Gloria endearing to the audience.

Our Opinion

If you are looking for a traditional yet unconventional story, “The Life You Wanted” might be what you need. Its blend of familial themes with modern structures may initially seem jarring, but it proves to be engaging and occasionally heartwarming. While it may not be a groundbreaking series, it entertains and delivers strong performances and intimate moments with characters who are hard not to love.

Where to Watch “The Life You Wanted”


The Life You Wanted: Limited Series | Official Trailer | Netflix
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