The Manny (2023): A Mexican family series on Netflix for this Christmas

The Manny is a comedy series created by Carolina Rivera starring Sandra Echeverría and Moisés Arizmendi.

“The Manny” is a Mexican series created by Carolina Rivera, who we already know from other Netflix shows. This time, we follow a high executive (in her father’s company) who hires a new handsome guy to take care of her children.

The same success story that made The Nanny (the American sitcom) a hit is now being translated to Mexico. But it’s not the same because this time it’s not a sitcom and it has a more structured series format, with sets, situations, secondary plots… all of it in a family-friendly setting that arrives for Christmas on the streaming platform.


An executive with no time to take care of her family decides to hire a new and handsome babysitter, leading to funny situations with her relatives and friends.

About the series

There is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but it’s a family series that doesn’t bring anything new in terms of aesthetics or cinematography. Does it need to? Not at all, because its purpose is to entertain the whole family, and it does so with the efficiency of a well-written script that, without skipping a beat from the master plan, is executed to fulfill the task sufficiently.

Leading the way is actress Sandra Echeverría, doing a great job in a role that, on the other hand, doesn’t offer too many dramatic complications. And on the other side, we have the handsome and charismatic actor, who will have to take care of the executive’s “little devils”, played by Iván Amozurrutia, who delivers a leading performance that will undoubtedly open many doors for him. He’s talented, handsome, and will surely have better roles to showcase his dramatic abilities.

A series that does everything right within its intentions. It doesn’t aim to impress cinephiles or please critics, it aims to be a series that provides ten hours of enjoyable family entertainment with doses of romance.

Our Opinion

“The Manny” is predictable, family-friendly, and charming for its target audience. It’s a well-executed work that meets expectations.

The Manny | Official Trailer | Netflix

Where to Watch “The Manny”


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