“The Saint of Second Chances” (2023) Documentary on Netflix about Mike and Bill Veeck: That’s Entertainment

The Saint of Second Chances
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The Saint of Second Chances is a documentary directed by Jeff Malmberg and Morgan Neville.

A story about baseball enthusiasts, this is a tale of a young boy who, overshadowed by his father (owner of the Chicago White Sox), wanted to do something different beyond the world of baseball while still staying connected to it.

Regarding the documentary, we were captivated by its mockumentary or dramatized documentary style, a blend of seriousness and humor, in which father and son, Bill and Mike, attempted to redefine baseball: not just a sport or a business, but something more. And that “something more” was fun, entertainment: fireworks, giveaways, and plenty of beer.

The White Sox were Chicago’s second team, and Bill Veeck needed to do something extra to attract the audience and challenge the baseball purists. In the seventies, this man (who had a prosthetic leg) revolutionized the sport with dancers, a barbershop, and even shorts.

Meanwhile, his son (a former musician) took charge of promotions. Mike tried to promote an album, Demolition, but things spiraled out of control: altercations, drugs, and even racism. That night turned into a literal record burning.

Mike ruined everything—the team, the stadium, and to some extent, the family name.

“The Saint of Second Chances” is a documentary about Mike Veeck’s second chance and his lifelong quest to overcome that fateful night. It’s also about a man who turned “second chances” into a way of understanding baseball and life.

About the Documentary

It works. It’s entertaining and charming, with class, charisma, and personality on screen. Above all, it stands out from other documentaries by not taking itself too seriously, making it amusing because, at its core, it’s a story about spectacle and enjoyment.

“The Saint of Second Chances” is entertaining thanks to its protagonist, its directors, and its story, which cleverly balances redemption with humor and seriousness, much like legendary Bill Veeck approached baseball.

Our Opinion

It works, it entertains, and it achieves a delightful combination of documentary and storytelling that we highly recommend. As Bill Veeck once said, the world would be better if people didn’t take it so seriously.

And this documentary manages to contribute its small part in making the world a slightly better place.

Please Check Mike Veeck’ site

Please check mikeveeck.com you will see they are trying to raise money and awareness for Batten Disease research at The University of Iowa Institute For Vision Research. 4 years ago, Mike’s daughter Rebecca died of this rare disease at age 27. Her eyes and tissue were donated there as well.

Release Date

September 19, 2023

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