The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy (2024) – A New Animation Series on Prime Video

The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy
Veronica Loop
Veronica Loop

The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy is an animation series created by Cirocco Dunlap.

This new animated series on Prime Video takes us into the depths of a different, space-themed hospital filled with strange creatures (possibly reptiles) that will provide us with a good time.

An adult series full of good moments and jokes for and about doctors (ones that only they can understand).

Prime Video continues its commitment to adult animation with this clever series that aims more towards irony and sarcasm rather than outright laughter.

A series full of corporate and medical jokes that, deep down, holds a great irony towards the world of healthcare and its functioning.

If one thing can be said about “The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy”, it’s that it manages to stand out from other adult animated series, especially in terms of its sense of humor. Despite its obvious similarities to “Futurama”, the series distances itself from Matt Groening’s work: it’s less hilarious and has a less surreal sense of humor, but is equally lighthearted, with a critical edge and a touch of realism.

“The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy” is an intelligent and comedic animated series, though not side-splittingly funny.

Enjoy it.

Where to Watch “The Second Best Hospital in the Galaxy”

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