To Kill a Tiger (2022) – Documentary on Netflix: A terrible truth about justice, drama and intolerance in India

To Kill a Tiger
Veronica Loop

To Kill a Tiger is a documentary written and directed by Nisha Pahuja.

This documentary sheds light on the issue of intolerance and injustice in a serious crime: rape. However, “To Kill a Tiger” is not just a story about the crime, but also a story about a man who goes above and beyond to seek justice in the city, facing numerous obstacles from authorities and citizens alike. The name of the victim is kept confidential in the documentary. This film, with a Canadian passport, aims to expose an event and tell a tragic and regrettable story. It presents authentic testimonies without any artistic distractions or confusion for the viewers, using interviews and reenactments. There is no room for artistic elements in this documentary.

There is no room for artistic embellishments or music to amplify emotions.

The reality of the situation is tragic enough, and director Nisha Pahuja presents it as such.

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