“Toughest Forces on Earth” – A Documentary Series on Netflix

Toughest Forces on Earth” is a documentary directed by Dominic Hill.

Today, Netflix takes a significant pivot in its programming by offering an extensive documentary series on the world’s most elite special forces. From Jordan to the U.S. Navy SEALs, and including the armed forces of Sweden, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Colombia’s police force in their fight against drug cartels, this series gives an inside look at the operations of these highly trained units.

A Deep Dive into Special Forces

The series showcases a group of men undertaking special operations, presenting a captivating experience for fans of military conflicts and films about commandos and special forces. Given the current international landscape and Netflix’s global influence, this documentary prompts critical reflection on the role and impact of these forces worldwide.

“Toughest Forces on Earth”: A Realistic and Engaging Documentary Series

Comprising 8 episodes, this series is a must-watch for enthusiasts of military operations and battle scenarios. It offers an immersive “Call of Duty” experience (reminiscent of the popular video game), allowing viewers to witness firsthand the lives and actions of these individuals. Even if you’re not typically drawn to such subjects, the series stands out for its deep dives into various situations and its global reach, almost like a new form of tourism.

Exceptional Filmmaking and Realism

The documentary’s strengths lie in its powerful and realistic imagery, capturing the essence of conflict zones without making it a war or political documentary. Instead, it provides a nuanced look at the lives of these men, their training, and their actions in the field. The level of documentation is impeccable, achieving its goal of offering an insightful look into the world’s top special forces, providing a thorough global perspective.

Our Opinion

Our final take on the series is overwhelmingly positive. It is phenomenally filmed, realistic, and provides an accurate portrayal of the reality faced by these special forces. However, the underlying question it raises about the global implications of such forces is indeed daunting, leaving viewers with much to ponder.

In summary, “Toughest Forces on Earth” is a compelling, well-documented series that delivers on its promise to explore the intricate world of elite special forces across the globe.

Where to Watch “Toughest Forces on Earth”


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