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Untold is the Netflix documentary series that covers the behind the scenes stories and events that have not been apparent to the audience before. With good incisive interviews of the people concerned, let it be sportspeople or entrepreneurs involved in sports, it always manages to offer us an entertaining documentary.

In this episode it goes back to time leading up to, and during, the 1983 America’s Cup, and recounts the Australian Sailing Team’s preparation to take on the well-funded American Team. They discuss the design and building of the vessel, and the political and media implications of this cut-throat competition.


We like sports, we will even admit that we love it, and Untold takes us beyond the actual competition, always telling us stories that are interesting if not fascinating about what goes or has gone on behind the scenes.

On this occasion it does not recount a personal scandal as it did in The Girlfriend Who Didn’t Exist , instead it gives us a glance at more political maneuvers by the rivals, and the implications the media had in this “war”, with accusations of irregular boat designs that would provide the Australian Team with an “uncompetitive advantage” being one of the many obstacles the Australian Team had to deal with.

In Untold: The Race of the Century, its directors, Chapman Way and Maclain Way are dead set on telling us something beyond sailing, interviewing the chipper former Australian Team (crew) members, and adding archive footage to set the scene.

Our opinion

This has a slightly different take than previous episodes in the Untold series, but interesting nonetheless. Concerning a sport that is mostly of interest to a few in the “upper echelon”, there is always some controversy that can be squeezed out of anything that has to do with competing humans.

Release Date

September 06, 2022.

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