“Vjeran Tomic: The Spider-Man of Paris” (2023) Documentary on Netflix about the most audacious and famous art thief

Vjeran Tomic: The Spider-Man of Paris
Alice Lange

Vjeran Tomic: The Spider-Man of Paris is a 2023 documentary film about Vjeran Tomic, the burglar who stole five paintings from the Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris in 2010, in what is considered the biggest art heist in French history.

Are you interested in experiencing a journey into the world of art thieves firsthand? Netflix offers this documentary about Vjeran Tomic, who became famous for stealing 6 paintings from the Museum of Contemporary Art in Paris.

The documentary allows us to follow the fascinating story of Tomic who, from a young age, had spent several seasons in prison and became a modern-day Robin Hood.

Tomic hated the rich, whose lifestyle he found indecent, and he would rob them in their own homes while they slept. Why? While people are home, the alarms are deactivated.

“Vjeran Tomic: The Spider-Man of Paris” is a documentary about a daring and audacious criminal who became famous for an art heist.

About “Vjeran Tomic: The Spider-Man of Paris”

If you’re into art, you’ll like it. “Vjeran Tomic: The Spider-Man of Paris” has the virtue of featuring the perpetrator of the events himself, Vjeran Tomic. There’s not much need for cinematography when you have the main protagonist of an unprecedented event.

The author of the thefts will recount in detail how he committed the robberies and the techniques he used, and how he left the museum with six paintings in hand, including a Matisse and a Picasso.

They paid him 50,000 euros for each painting.

A gripping documentary where we can get to know this famous thief firsthand – the one who scaled rooftops and sneaked into the homes of the rich and ultimately became the most famous art thief in the world.


Our opinion

It’s not a cinematic masterpiece, but the story is so fascinating and surprising that it’s definitely worth watching.

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