What Jennifer Did (2024) True Crime Documentary on Netflix: The Gripping and Shocking Case of Jennifer Pan

What Jennifer Did
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What Jennifer Did is a documentary written and directed by Jenny Popplewell about the case of Jennifer Pan.

“What Jennifer Did” is a true crime documentary that explores the case of Jennifer Pan, a story that caught the attention of Canadian media due to its unique violent circumstances. Gradually, much like a suspense movie, we will uncover the truth.

The case of Jennifer Pan

A murder and a hospitalized victim in a Canadian residential neighborhood. A Vietnamese immigrant family in Canada, allegedly attacked during a robbery. The witness, a young girl named Jennifer. The news quickly spread across Canadian media, unaccustomed to such violent incidents. Jennifer had been in a relationship with a boy named Daniel for seven years, who had had his issues with drugs.

About the documentary

In a work of fiction, whether it’s a movie or a novel, we often discuss whether the work “works” or “doesn’t work,” as the ultimate verdict. Does “What Jennifer Did” succeed as a documentary? Yes, and resoundingly so. It’s a documentary that knows how to present the facts and withhold them from the viewer to gradually reveal them just like in a suspense movie.

This time, we have access to files containing interviews with Jennifer and her boyfriend, as well as interviews with the agents involved in the case. They tell us how it developed and how the facts were finally clarified. This documentary is perfect in conveying real events and, treating them like a movie, gradually narrating the facts.

The documentary features a stunning story, that of Jennifer and the plot she contrived. It also delves into the background of the case and the causes that led to this behavior.

And, as always with these types of documentaries, the controversy will remain: Are they successful only because of the voyeurism and curiosity that violent crimes provoke? Certainly, there’s some truth to that, but we can’t accuse film producers of ‘poisoning’ viewers, as this is a genre so in-demand and with such a broad history dating back to before the invention of the cinema.

Is “What Jennifer Did” a lurid documentary that exploits a violent, dramatic situation and capitalizes on it? The answer is a resounding yes in this shocking story that will leave you in awe because we have the testimonies of the supposed victim who, as you may have already guessed, had a lot to hide.

In cinematic terms, as a documentary piece, it’s once again excellent in a genre that is constantly being refined and perfected every day, always seeking the darker side of humanity.

Whether you watch it or not, that’s your responsibility and your preference.

Where to Watch “What Jennifer Did”


Who is Jennifer Pan

Jennifer Pan was born in 1985 to Vietnamese immigrant parents who had settled in Canada. She grew up in Markham, Ontario and was known as a model student who excelled academically. However, behind her perfect image was a dark secret. At age 26, Jennifer organized a murder plot that resulted in her mother’s death and seriously injured her father. This case shocked the community and made national headlines in Canada. Read more

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