Young Royals Forever (2024) – A Documentary on Netflix About the Filming of the Final Season of “Young Royals”

Young Royals Forever
Alice Lange Alice Lange

Young Royals Forever is a documentary capturing the behind-the-scenes journey of the final season of the Swedish series Young Royals, which concluded with the airing of its third season.

It consists of 6 episodes that lead to many tales and reunions, primarily highlighting the camaraderie among the lead actors, the true heroes of this narrative that managed to reach millions of viewers worldwide.

“Young Royals Forever” is not only a documentary about the filming of the season but also serves as a tribute to the series and an opportunity for fans to get to know the actors on a deeper level, and relate more closely to their thoughts and feelings.

The documentary is filled with nostalgia and serves as a farewell to this series that has deeply resonated with young viewers, leaving us with fond memories.

Three seasons come to an end, as described by its lead actor Edvin Ryding, as a beautiful gesture of love.

Enjoy the watch.

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