Young Royals: Today we can witness the conclusion of the third and final season of the Netflix series

The Swedish series “Young Royals” reaches its end, with Netflix presenting the sixth episode of the third season.

The final resolution of young Wilhem’s love affairs is here, packed in this last episode which, as a grand exception, Netflix delivers on a Monday (the rest of the third season premiered early last week).

The third season brings closure to this successful Swedish series, and Netflix pairs it with a special entitled “Young Royals Forever,” also viewable today.

“Young Royals” is a series full of intensity where a young heir to Swedish royalty has to face typical adolescent challenges, in addition to confronting tradition and media scrutiny due to his sexual orientation.

The show has been a resounding success and we now bid it goodbye, on this almost spring-like Monday.


Young Royals is a Swedish series starring Edvin Ryding and Omar Rudberg. It is a series created by Lars Beckung, Lisa Ambjörn and Camilla Holter.

Where to Watch “Young Royals”


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