Zorro (2024): A New Series on Prime Video

Zorro - Prime Video
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Zorro is a new action series created by Carlos Portela starring Miguel Bernardeau.

A series on Prime Video, full of action, adventure, and entertainment – incredibly fun and capturing the true spirit of the legend.


The Zorro is a legendary Californian figure: a masked rider and swordsman who fights against injustice wherever it exists, accompanied by his faithful horse, Tornado.

With authorities and laws that only protect the wealthy, Zorro is here to serve justice beyond the law, with the sword of truth as the sole judge.

(How poetic does that sound?)

About the series

You know those movies or series where from the first minute you can just relax and feel like you won’t learn anything at all? Well, “Zorro” is one of those series that, built for entertainment, manages to entertain, amuse, and excite.

Similar to Bruce Wayne, Diego de la Vega leads a double life as Batman’s precursor. Here, he becomes Zorro, and both are meant to go where justice fails. There are no superheroes or supervillains, only a somewhat faithful recreation of California’s history and the struggle against the power of the wealthy, as an excuse for a series filled with action, romance, and, as you may imagine, adventures.

Well put together and primarily focused on action scenes, which are the best part of the series. It has an excellent introduction with animations, and the set design and performances are decent for a script that doesn’t allow the actors to shine: it’s purely an adventure series created for entertainment purposes.

Does it entertain? Most certainly, but don’t expect anything more from it, because “Zorro” is built with that formula that some may say is outdated, yet it will continue to amuse many and undoubtedly bring joy to many viewers.

Our Opinion

A solid series that doesn’t go beyond entertainment. It doesn’t want to, it doesn’t need to, and in its anarchical spirit, it’s here to make our lives a little more enjoyable and much more fun with sword duels, jumps, and kicks.

Where to Watch “Zorro”

Prime Video

Zorro - Prime Video
Zorro – Prime Video
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