Hierve (2021)
Hierve (2021)

‘Boiling Point’ 2021: Movie Review

Boiling Point is a 2021 drama movie directed by Philip Barantini and starring Stephen Graham.

An outstanding one-shot film that takes the audience behind the scenes of a high end restaurant. A definite “must watch”.


‘Boiling Point’ follows a Chef and his team during their hectic evening shift at a renowned restaurant, and will lead the viewers to witness to the conflicting stories of its staff and diners.

Boiling Point
Boiling Point

Our Opinion

As a viewer it is an immersive cinematic experience, which is worth watching on a TV set, but it makes one wonder how much more impactful the viewing experience would be in a movie theater. The narrative structure is well executed, and the one-shot filming is impressively well choreographed, the lighting is impeccable, and the performances are all too convincing. We most certainly recommend this movie. It is one of a kind in contemporary cinema.

Movie Reviews

“Even at its most far-fetched, ‘Boiling Point’ retains an essential sense of integrity thanks to the honest, urgent presence of star Stephen Graham”

Guy Lodge: Variety

“[It] may be anchored by Graham’s superbly kinetic performance but ultimately proves a team effort. The nimble, naturalistic performers are uniformly terrific”

Gary Goldstein: Los Angeles Times

Movie Trailer

Cast & Crew

Boiling Point
Boiling Point

Movie title: Boiling Point

Movie description: A normal evening in a classy restaurant will lead us to the conflicting stories of its staff and diners.

Date published: July 26, 2022

Country: United Kingdom

Director(s): Philip Barantini

Actor(s): Stephen Graham, Jason Flemyng, Ray Panthaki, Hannah Walters, Izuka Hoyle, Vinette Robinson, Áine Rose Daly, Lourdes Faberes

Genre: Drama

Our Opinion

When the whole team puts its heart and soul into a project, we can only applaud and acknowledge its obvious merit. Moreover, Boiling Point is one of a kind in contemporary cinema both in relation to its cinematography and the performances of its cast.



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