For Jojo (2022)

For Jojo. Netflix Movie Releases Monday July 11

For Jojo (Für Jojo) is a 2022 German movie directed by Barbara Ott. Starring Caro Cult and Nina Gummich.

A story about friendship and jealousy.

The film is written by Stefanie Ren.

We have watched the movie, and liked it. Here is the review.


Jojo’s plans to get married to her beau do not sit well with her best friend Paula.

Leaving behind the life she had led up until now, where she and Paula were inseparable in their wild shenanigans around and about Berlin, will prove to be more challenging than she had expected. Paula will do anything in her power to stop the wedding from taking place.

What We Expect

The plot piques our curiosity and interest. We all know about cattiness, but will it take it a step further and wander into the darker corners of an “abandoned” and “betrayed” friend’s psyche? We are intrigued.

Release Date

July 11, 2022.

Where To Watch For Jojo

On Netflix.

Cast & Crew. Users Rating

For Jojo (2022)
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Movie title: Für Jojo

Movie description: Jojo gets engaged and leaves behind her life of debauchery with her best friend, so Paula will do everything she can to avoid the wedding.

Date published: July 10, 2022

Country: Germany

Duration: 90 mins

Director(s): Barbara Ott

Actor(s): Caro Cult, Nina Gummich, Steven Sowah, Louis Nitsche

Genre: Drama

User Review
3.2 (132 votes)

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