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Tollywood – Telugu Cinema

Tollywood is is the center of the film industry from the Indian region Tollygunge, and where films are produced in Telugu. Over the decades it has become an emblem of Indian cinema, besides Bollywood. It produces some of the most successful blockbusters in India, a good example would be RRR (2022).

Its origins date back to 1933 with the East India Film Company, and one of its most remarkable movies being Pathala Bhairavi (1951). Indeed, Tollywood had its golden age in the 1950’s and 60’s, in the same way Hollywood did, and what is now being produced is referred to as “the new Tollywood” still bringing about colorful and lively blockbusters.

One of the most renowned filmmakers in Tollywood is the late Satyajit Ray, whose movie Pather Panchali received international recognition, and was awarded the Best Human Document in the 1955 Cannes Film Festival.

Telugu cinema has excelled in creating its own cinematic style and approach that will impress those not acquainted with it.

Here is a little taste of the creative mastery in Tollywood!

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