Entertgalactic (2022)

‘Entergalactic’ – Animated Movie on Netflix

Entergalactic is an animated movie directed by Fletcher Moules, starring Kid Cudi and Ian Edelman.


Ambitious artist Jabari attempts to balance success and love when he moves into his dream Manhattan apartment and falls for his next-door neighbor.

Entertgalactic (2022)

Movie Reviews

“Through stellar visuals, limitless imagination, and sheer enthusiasm, ‘Entergalactic’ turns a simple love story into a feast for the sense.”

Jonathon Wilson: Ready Steady Cut

“Perhaps the individual parts of it might have been more effective if they’d been chopped up into individual music videos. Taken all together, however, they create a mind-numbing experience.”

Steven Scaife: Slant

“Here is proof you can take something quite familiar and make it sing in ways that feel fresh, funny, warm and exhilarating.”

Richard Roeper: Chicago Sun-Times
Entertgalactic (2022)

Release Date

September 30, 2022.

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Kid Cudi / Jabari (voice)

Jessica Williams / Meadow (voice)

Timothée Chalamet / Jimmy (voice)

Ty Dolla Sign / Ky (voice)

Laura Harrier / Carmen (voice)

Vanessa Hudgens / Karina (voice)

Christopher Abbott / Reed (voice)

070 Shake / Nadia (voice)

Jaden Smith / Jordan (voice)

Keith David / Mr. Rager (voice)

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Movie title: Entergalactic

Date published: September 30, 2022

Country: United States

Director(s): Fletcher Moules

Actor(s): Kid Cudi, Jessica Williams, Timothée Chalamet, Ty Dolla Sign, Laura Harrier,

Genre: Romance

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