Necro (2022). AHSS E07S02

Necro: Chapter 7 Season 2 AHSS

Something new in American Horror Stories

Necro is the latest episode of American Horror Stories. It is directed by Logan Kibens, and stars Madison Iseman.

On this occasion, the script is written by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk y Crystal Liu.


A very sensitive woman works as an undertaker at a funeral home. Torn between continuing her promising career path and marrying the supposed man of her dreams, when she meets her new colleague, the attractive grave digger, she starts to question her feelings. When the gravediggers’ corpse is her next assignment, everything will change forever.

Necro (2022). AHSS E07S02

About the Chapter

As a story, it is confounding, however on a visual level it is not so impressive.

Necro does indeed have a story to tell, which is not anecdotal as has been the case with the previous episodes (barring Dollhouse). It has a quite good narrative build-up and manages to complete the story well, within the duration of the episode. It is not hastened, and succeeds in developing its characters in a way that does not appear forced.

It startles as all chapters in this series do, but on this occasion the “shocker” adapts well into the story proving that the screenplay has been well crafted. With that said, the visuals are not outstanding, and we are under the impression that the director has not given it high priority to seek peculiar frames nor distinctive takes that would have given the story that macabre cinematographic feature that is present in the screenplay.

That dissonance between the visual and the actual narrative allows the spectator to focus on the well told story (a macabre story, true) that is good in itself and impacts, and, finally, gives us one of the best chapter endings in the entire two seasons of American Horror Stories.

This was a very good episode that has assisted us in recovering the faith in the potential of this series, which by its own doing has resulted so uneven as entertainment, week after week.

Release date

September 1, 2022

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Madison Iseman / Sam

Cameron Cowperthwaite / Charlie

Spencer Neville / Jesse

Jeff Doucette / Henderson

Sara Silva / Sam’s Friend #1

Jessika Van / Sam’s Friend #2

Chelsea Marie Davis / Sam’s Friend #3

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Title: Necro

Description: A woman is torn between her career as a talented undertaker, and getting married to the perfect man. Until she meets the gravedigger at the funeral home.

Date published: September 3, 2022

Episode number: 7

Part of season: 2

Part of series: American Horror Stories

Author: Martin Cid

Production company: FX

Director(s): Logan Kibens

Actor(s): Madison Iseman, Cameron Cowperthwaite, Spencer Neville, Jeff Doucette, Sara Silva, Jessika Van, Chelsea Marie Davis,

Genre: Horror

Our Opinion

Although it does not shine visually, with effects and interesting cinematography, it tells a good story and manages to narrate it at good pace, completing it without haste and forcefulness.


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