“Boston Strangler” Movie Review: An Excellent setting for a Flawed Script

Boston Strangler is a thriller movie starring Keira Knightley and Carrie Coon. It is written and directed by Matt Ruskin.

Good photography, good performances… in a film that wants to be more of a vindication than a thriller and more All the President’s Men than Silence of the Lambs.

That said, Hulu and 20th Century Studios surprise with this very good, excellently set, period production.

Movie Review

A film that would be better called Loretta McLaughlin. Based on this journalist, who worked at the Boston Globe, the film uses the figure of the sadly infamous Boston Strangler in order to compose a whole defence statement of sexist injustices of that period that will leave thriller lovers feeling a little bit “this movie was not meant to be about that”, and those who want to see a good courtroom drama with a face of “I have not come to see a film about psychopaths”.

Boston Strangler

Be that as it may, and in every choice there is a risk (if not, tell Neo in The Matrix), the film has a superb setting that knows how to shine in every photographic aspect and in its very careful shots, it is also excellently edited, and no one can doubt the acting qualities of Keira Knightley nor Carrie Coon, two excellent actresses, one of them, moreover, an accomplished specialist in period roles.

As for the script… here we have the weak point: it uses a true-crime type story for a vital vindication (totally fair), and in this double choice, the script ends up without its necessary suspense and its necessary moral content.

It leaves the role of the murderer on such a secondary level of the story that it raises the question as to whether or not the title would need to be changed as well.

Our Opinion

It’s a pity it doesn’t have a more solid idea behind it, and that it doesn’t focus more on some of its key aspects. It does not work as a thriller, despite its more than undoubted technical virtues.

Boston Strangler

Release Date

March 17, 20233

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Boston Strangler

The Star: Keira Knightley

Keira Knightley. Depostiphotos

Keira Knightley has become one of the most popular and acclaimed actresses of her generation. Since her breakout role in Bend It Like Beckham, she’s appeared in some of the biggest and most acclaimed films of all time. But there’s more to Keira than just being an A-list movie star.

In this article, we’ll take a look at Keira’s remarkable career, from her early days on the set of Bend It Like Beckham to her Oscar-nominated performances in Pride & Prejudice and The Imitation Game. We’ll also explore what it takes to become a successful actress with Keira’s unique insight and experience.

The Cast

Keira Knightley / Loretta McLaughlin

Carrie Coon / Jean Cole

Chris Cooper / Jack Maclaine

Alessandro Nivola / Detective Conley

Rory Cochrane / Detective Deline

David Dastmalchian / Albert DeSalvo

Peter Gerety / Eddie Corsetti

Robert John Burke / Eddie Holland

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