Sea moss: why add Irish sea moss to your diet?

Chondrus Crispus is a type of Red Algae used in scores of industries and valued for its nutritional properties. Sea moss is used in the culinary, and beauty industries, among sports enthusiasts and celebrities, and after learning more about this wondrous supplement for the diet you will be compelled to include sea moss vitamins in your daily ration.

What is sea moss and what is its value?

Organic sea moss is a seaweed harvested in the Americas and warm waters of the Philippines, Europe, Japan, and other areas. Sea moss is famous for being a powerhouse of 92 to 102 nutrients, essential for the human body.

Sea moss is a rich source of Iron, Calcium, Zink, Phosphore, Magnesium, Potassium, vitamins D, E, C, Omega-3 fatty acids, and numerous antioxidants, able to significantly relieve inflammation.

Being a high-fiber, high-protein nutrient, sea moss is suitable for vegans and individuals adhering to stern diets.

Does sea moss help with weight loss?

While sea moss won’t cause weight loss itself without a proper diet and regular exercising, there are benefits of sea moss for weight loss that can solidly contribute to your slimming down journey.

It will be of your interest to learn some of them:

  • Metabolism-boosting. Being a rich source of iodine, sea moss helps the thyroid to function properly. This allows for the maintenance of swift metabolism, which indeed helps to achieve an average weight.
  • Binge-eating prevention. The high-fiber content of sea moss, even though the root itself is low-calorie, helps you to stay nourished for longer and ceases the unwholesome cravings.
  • Blood-sugar maintenance. Fucoxanthin and alginate in sea moss regulate blood sugar keeping it stable and preventing it from spiking. This also reduces the insulin level and therefore helps you lose weight. This is especially useful for people prone to diabetes.
  • Guts’ prebiotic regulation. Healthy guts may promote healthy weight loss, and sea moss is a great source of natural prebiotics. By creating a conducive environment for your gut bacteria, sea moss aids your digestion, keeping your gut microbiome in good shape.

How much sea moss should you eat to lose weight?

While the amount of sea moss vitamins you should eat to lose some pounds is not defined, the average serving usually recommended by therapists is two or three teaspoons of sea moss gel a day.

If your sea moss is served in capsules, follow the recommendations provided by the manufacturer. It is also vital to consult with your physician before starting with sea moss.

How to include sea moss in your diet?

To embrace the benefits of sea moss for health you want to keep it regular. It is important to find your way of eating sea moss that will keep your sea moss eating in order.

The most popular way of consuming sea moss is Irish sea moss gel. Well-known brands like True Sea Moss offer high-quality flavored sea moss gels without added sugar, sweetened with natural dried fruits and berries.

Sea moss gel is a flexible option that can be added to your smoothies, shakes, soups, salads, and desserts, or eaten as it is.

If your way of living is busy you can opt for sea moss capsules, and if you are keen on cooking all healthy supplements yourself, you will appreciate the option of wildcrafted sea moss also sold by the True Sea Moss brand.

5 persuasive health benefits of sea moss

If you still wonder if is sea moss good for your diet, these advantages of sea moss might convince you to start choosing your sea moss today.

  1. Strengthens your immunity. Antioxidants in sea moss boost your body’s natural ability to resist pathogens. Sea moss also helps you to rehabilitate promptly after a touch of a virus.
  1. Helps you to exercise. Another way how can sea moss help with weight loss is its contribution to your workout routine. The decent content of potassium, taurine, and magnesium helps your muscles regenerate swiftly after physical activity, cushioning inflammation that may retrieve you from working out regularly.
  1. Keeps you energized. The organized consumption of sea moss will uplift your mood and vivacity. By providing your body with all the needed nutrients, including rare but treasurable Omega-3, sea moss can even cure mental and physical depression.
  1. Promotes good sleep. By promoting the production of melatonin, sea moss ensures that you rest well. B-group vitamins in sea moss cure insomnia and rid you of tiredness, brain fog, and sleepiness.
  1. Supports your heart. Sea moss carrageenan improves the balance of cholesterol, preventing heart illness. It is also proven that sea moss can clear arteries, reducing the risk of plaque buildup in them.

Can eating sea moss change your life?

Sea moss is a superfood that affects nearly all aspects of your health and life. If you have been struggling with apathy, depression, lack of energy, chronic pain, or medical conditions related to inflammation, sea moss supplements are the ultimate way to know a better life.

It is fundamental to consume sea moss routinely. The results may come in the first week as much as in a few months. Overall, Red Algae is a fully organic, natural way to achieve wellness and sustainability.

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