Women on the Edge (2023) | Movie on Netflix. Review: A funny Argentine comedy about friendship

Women on the Edge
Veronica Loop
Veronica Loop

Women on the Edge is an Argentine movie directed by Azul Lombardía starring Carla Peterson and Julieta Díaz.

A comedy about two women who decide to take control of their lives and face their problems. An entertaining Argentine comedy that relies on the performances of its two outstanding lead actresses, Carla Peterson and Julieta Díaz, who are funny, charming, and give it their all to make the audience have a good hour and a half.

It won’t be an unforgettable hour and a half, but it will make us laugh, forget everything, and smile from the first minute.

Women on the Edge
Women on the Edge


Two seemingly very different women with very different lives who, however, are linked by something very important: to expose a plastic surgeon.

Movie Review

Women on the Edge
Women on the Edge

An urban comedy about the female world and how they confront current problems. An innovative comedy that breaks the rules of everything established? Not at all, because “Women on the Edge” aims to entertain more than to break the rules, to have fun rather than teach us lessons, and that is always appreciated in a good comedy.

A movie that knows how to be a comedy and at the same time achieves the balance between taking its characters seriously and creating the appropriate comedic tone: the characters go from being clichés in the first sequences to gradually taking shape and evolving as characters within the general comedic tone, which is never abandoned.

And above all: the performances of Carla Peterson and Julieta Díaz, who bring shine to the film and excel in two roles that allow them to shine.

An intelligent script that ensures that neither of the two actresses stands out above the other. Two performances that stem from the script, complementing each other in dialogues and characters, and that cannot exist without each other.

An intelligent comedy that is also light, and at times frivolous.

And we like the frivolous.

Our opinion

Sit back and enjoy this comedy, which should always be watched with a smile. Without drawing too much attention, it entertains and amuses without proposing an aggressive discourse.

Release Date

December 1, 2023

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The Cast

Carla Peterson
Carla Peterson
Julieta Díaz
Julieta Díaz

Esteban Lamothe
Martín Garabal
Salvador del Solar
Carlos Alcántara
Alfonso Tort
Celina Font
Eugenia Guerty

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