Code 8 Part II (2024) – Netflix Movie. Review: A very worthy sequel that entertains and effectively develops the two main characters

Code 8: Part II
Alice Lange
Alice Lange

Code 8 Part II is the sequel to “Code 8“. It stars Stephen Amell and Robbie Amell. It is directed by Jeff Chan and you can watch it on Netflix.

Today, we are presented with this sequel to a movie that, despite its low budget, was a huge success on Netflix. This second installment follows the formula of the first one, with a similar pace and aesthetic, but with better effects, a bigger budget, and identical plot lines. It is less surprising in terms of the dystopian narrative it presents, but more impactful visually, improving upon the first movie.

Code 8: Part II
Code 8: Part II


In a world filled with robots, crime, and social disparities, those born with superpowers are hunted down. Now, the robotic guardians have been replaced by robot dogs, just as lethal. Connor’s life has changed: he has just been released from prison and wants to start over by working at a community center and helping others. Meanwhile, Garrett’s life has barely changed, as he continues to take advantage of others’ weaknesses for his own gain. When a teenage girl ends up at the foster home where Connor works, after her brother’s death at the hands of one of the robot dogs, he is forced to ask Garrett for help. This is the start of an adventure that will once again pit them against each other.

About the movie

Did you enjoy the first one? “Code 8 Part II” is very similar and does not betray the fans of the first installment, expanding on the story and providing an entertaining and well-constructed sequel. This second part is a bit darker and less geared towards a teenage audience, with more complex and well-developed characters, but a less solid thriller plot. The bigger budget is evident in the special effects, often overshadowing the story. As we know, it is starring two brothers, Stephen and Robbie Amell, who play two antithetical characters and both demonstrate their acting skills. This time, the movie allows for more acting prowess, although the main focus remains on the dystopian setting and the scenes with special effects. It does not overuse CGI and, despite some scenes with clear nods to “The Matrix” style, the movie manages to stay true to the story rather than relying solely on effects.

Our Opinion

A movie that will surely please fans of the first one: it continues to entertain, it is a worthy continuation, and while it does not break any new ground in terms of sci-fi cinema, it achieves its goals with great success.

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Code 8 Part II
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