‘Hellraiser’ 2022 – Review: A Hefty Dose of Stylized Gore from Hell

Hellraiser (2022)
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‘Hellraiser’ is a reboot of the 1987 classic gore horror movie. It takes the story to a new setting and has novel characterizations, though maintaining the essence of the original film. Of course it is subject to the inevitable technical updates that come with adapting it 35 years on.

Clive Braker’s Hellraiser became an iconic piece in the horror genre. The 2022 version directed by David Bruckner, starring Jamie ClaytonOdessa A’zion and Goran Visnjic.


A young woman comes in possession of a puzzle box that once opened will unleash a chain of horrid events as it has let otherworldly demonic beings, the Cenobites, loose.


Movie Review

It is the same old story of fascination by gore, blood and brutal and creepy special effects.

‘Hellraiser’ has all the “make-up” on a technical level that distinguishes it from the original, and despite staying within the broader parameters of the premise, there are some obvious differences, but probably does not deviate so much as to disappoint the gore fans who might have a bout of nostalgia with this title.

This reboot has good cinematography, although it is, as with most reboots and remakes subject to viewers who are already inoculated, and perhaps not as easily impressed. We know what to expect and this film does not let us down in that aspect. The setting is new, the protagonists are new, but it still plays with the perverse in the way the original did, and it has the advantage of well crafted CGI.

The performances are good, especially the characterization by Odessa A’zion of the protagonist, Riley.

Is it a joyride? Absolutely not. This is gore at its contemporary best, or worst if one is not into overt violence.

Our Opinion

As a reboot it is good, although it does lose some of the fascination the original feature offered due to the highly stylized takes of its latest installment. Come to think of it, that loss already came into effect with the second saga Hellbound. The special effects are far better than in the original feature, and will probably be to the liking of the fans of horror in its most gorey form.

Release Date

October 7, 2022

Where to Watch Hellraiser


The Director

David Bruckner
'Hellraiser' 2022 - Review: A Hefty Dose of Stylized Gore from Hell 12

David Bruckner


Odessa A’zion / Riley
Jamie Clayton / The Priest

Adam Faison / Colin
Drew Starkey / Trevor
Brandon Flynn / Matt
Aoife Hinds / Nora
Jason Liles / The Chatterer
Selina Lo / The Gasp

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