Movie Review: “Sting” – An Extraterrestrial Spider Terrorizes Brooklyn

"Sting" is a movie directed by Kiah Roache-Turner starring Alyla Browne, Ryan Corr, and Penelope Mitchell.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a spider were infused with extraterrestrial DNA? With so many sci-fi and horror films out there, it’s likely that this peculiar thought has crossed your mind. If not, the movie “Sting” is here to fill that existential void you never knew you had.

This film seeks to revive the essence of classic horror movies, using retro filming techniques to deliver a nostalgic experience. It’s a spider-themed scare fest that taps into our deepest childhood fears.

Plot Summary

During a harsh winter storm, a group of residents in a Brooklyn apartment complex finds themselves facing an unexpected guest: a spider infected by extraterrestrial DNA. This otherworldly arachnid turns the lives of the peaceful tenants into an eight-legged nightmare.


A “Retro” Delight

“Sting” takes us back to the days of VHS rentals with its retro charm. The film features classic scare tactics, subjective camera angles, and a giant spider wreaking havoc among the building’s inhabitants. It deftly pays homage to the beloved B-movies of yesteryear, complete with antique televisions, old wallpaper, and vintage heaters that evoke a sense of a bygone era.

The Smartest of Them All: The Little Girl

No horror film would be complete without a clever young heroine. In this movie, that role is filled by Charlotte, played by the talented Alyla Browne. Despite the lack of adult guidance, Charlotte’s intelligence and bravery shine through, positioning her as the unlikely savior of the day. Alyla Browne delivers a commendable performance, consistently maintaining the film’s tone and earning our admiration.

The Script: Predictable Yet Improved

“Sting” isn’t designed to delve deeply into character development or personal dramas. Instead, it offers a lighthearted horror experience meant for casual enjoyment and a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Despite its modest ambitions, the movie boasts a solid story, well-drawn characters, and a well-paced script that exceeds expectations for a low-budget production.

Our Opinion

“Sting” achieves exactly what it sets out to do: provide a fun, nostalgic horror experience. While its initial aspirations may not have been high, the film delivers more than it promises and stands out among spider-themed horror flicks. It doesn’t aim to shock or induce nightmares, but it’s a professionally crafted piece of cinema that deserves recognition.

“Sting” is perfect for horror fans looking to relive the thrills of classic monster movies with a modern twist. It’s a testament to the charm of B-movies and a delightful addition to the genre.

Martha O'Hara
Martha O'Hara
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