‘Assassination Nation’ (2016). Movie Review

Violenta, Imaginativa… Cine

Sam Levinson writes and directs this exciting Assassination Nation, starring Bella Thorne. A quasi-dystopia about leaks, adolescence and social networks.

We really liked this film, which portrays a more than possible situation: the risk all of us who use a cell phone are exposed to. A reflection on privacy, sex and sanity. Violent, sometimes unpleasant and even brutal.


Everything seems to be going well for a group of friends who, like so many others in the United States, use their cell phones and social networks normally. Lovers, sexting and other practices are frequent on their devices.

But a hacker is stalking Salem and is leaking cell phone files. One day, he comes up with the idea of leaking the files of half the town and chaos ensues.

Nación Salvaje (2016)
Assassination Nation (2016)

The Movie

We loved it! We rarely say this, but we were more than pleasantly surprised. It is imaginative, cinematographic, energetic, it has original ideas, there are brutal camera movements, with a coherent and yet paradoxical script, the narrative formulas are daring and also evolve with the plot… we have already said it: now this is cinema (and that very, very rarely happens).

And yes, it’s not made for all stomachs nor for all mentalities and, if you don’t like violent movies, don’t watch it because this has a bit of everything in it (without becoming A Clockwork Orange, but it’s that kind of thing).

In addition to the imagination that Sam Levinson has poured into the project, we have a reflection on the media, social networks, and – above all – on democracy. While it is set in the United States, it could be about anywhere.

It also provides a curious insight into sexism. We’ll leave it at that.

Nación Salvaje (2016)
Assassination Nation (2016)

Our Opinion

A cinematic Black Mirror, very well made, unbridled, imaginative and that turns into a nightmare.

Not suitable for all audiences, but in our opinion, it borders on the brilliant.

Warning: increasingly ultra-violent as the film unfolds.

Four stars.

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