Role Play (2024) – Movie on Prime Video: Another family-friendly action comedy, entertaining without taking risks

Role Play - Prime Video
Alice Lange

Role Play is a thriller starring Kaley Cuoco and David Oyelowo. It is directed by Thomas Vincent.

Emma leads a double life as a hitwoman and a mother. To escape boredom and monotony, the couple decides to spend a night in a hotel, but things get complicated when another hitman enters the game.

About the movie

Prime Video brings us a film that revolves around the premise of a couple with a double life getting involved in dangerous situations beyond family life. A couple of weeks ago, we received “The Family Plan” on Apple TV+, starring Mark Wahlberg, which is much more family-oriented than this one.

“Role Play” features an interesting Kaley Cuoco in a genre that combines comedy, action, and thriller this time. The film seems to resist being defined by any of these genres: it is neither a pure action movie nor does it have great comedic moments. It is more of a slow-paced and even mysterious suspense film that unfolds into an action sequence.
Once again, and for Schwarzenegger fans, we won’t see “True Lies” again.

Prime Video seems to want to take its production in the direction of friendly and almost family-oriented movies that entertain without taking any risks, providing just enough to satisfy the whole family, with no age restrictions and not a single joke out of line. They have the ideal actress, the always charming Kaley Cuoco, an actress who, without standing out, once again does a good job in a simple role with few complications, just like the film itself.

“Role Play” is simple in terms of structure, theme, and performance. It asks very little of the viewer and is content with being a more or less fun and family-oriented entertainment that, without surprising at all, is easily consumed and quickly forgotten.

Our opinion

Sit back and relax with another almost family-oriented movie on Prime Video that manages to entertain without generating much enthusiasm or excitement.

Where to Watch “Role Play”

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The Cast

Role Play
Role Play

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Role Play
Role Play

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