‘The Menu’ (2022) Movie Review: Chef Serves It Cold

The Menu (2022)
Veronica Loop

The Menu is a comedy horror movie directed by Mark Mylod, starring Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy.

Fiennes’ performance and the photography save the day in this film as the story at all times maintains a freezing distance to its characters.


Chef extraodinaire, Julian Slowik, offers a six course dinner at his secluded restaurant to select patrons.

Movie Review

With its pristine photography, and the superb performances, especially by Ralph Fiennes, this horror/thriller, with very faint hints of dark comedy, is visually impressive but does not quite get under one’s skin. It is as cold as the characters in the story.

The Menu movie
The Menu (2022)

It is unpleasant by nature – being the thriller/horror movie it is – and the few humorous interjections, while funny, are as cynical as can be, making one laugh but not feel too good about it. Mylod has certainly succeeded in evoking that discomfort of dichotomous feelings.

The production is impressive. With the high angle shots of arrangements that are works of art in themselves, and being very selective with the close-ups of the two protagonists it is visually impactful.

One might enter the cinema expecting some interesting tale around food, and once inside the cinema, shortly after the movie takes off, one might think the movie will take a very particular culinary and sordid turn. It does take a turn, however, not the one expected. On that point Mylod succeeds yet again.

There are a couple scenes and sequences that are superfluous to the story, and even come across as absurd – one of them involves a guard. But then again, nothing is perfect, however much rancorous Chef Slowik strives for it to be.

‘The Menu’ is definitely recommendable, but do not expect the usual horror movie. And do not expect to leave feeling victorious. However pristine the photography, it will leave you with neither a good nor a bad taste in mouth, it will leave you tasting nothing at all – eerie.


Ralph Fiennes / Chef Slowik
Anya Taylor-Joy / Margot
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Nicholas Hoult / Tyler
Hong Chau / Elsa
Janet McTeer / Lillian
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Judith Light / Anne

Paul Adelstein / Ted
John Leguizamo / Movie Star

Rob Yang / Bryce

Mark St. Cyr / Dave

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