“The Murderer” (2023) Netflix Movie. Movie Review

The Murderer
Susan Hill
Susan Hill

The Murderer is a 2023 Thai thriller comedy film directed by Wisit Sasanatieng. The film stars Phetthai Vongkhamlao, Thanapat Siriwat, and Sutatta Udomsilp.

The film follows a British expat named Earl (Vongkhamlao) who is accused of murdering his Thai in-laws. The only witness to the crime is Earl’s wife, Sai (Udomsilp), who claims that Earl is innocent. Detective Boonlue (Siriwat) is assigned to the case, and he must piece together the evidence to determine whether Earl is guilty or not.

About the movie

A murder mystery comedy featuring a charming detective surrounded by eccentric characters, situations, and vibrant colors that give this dark comedy a charming, personal, and humorous touch.

“The Murderer ” is a film with intentions from the very first sequence, with style and personality. A film that wants to mock conventions, culture, customs, and the genre itself.

While not revolutionary, this film is picturesque and personal enough to provide us with a good time, without any further ambitions, without the desire to linger in our lives or our memories, passing by with the same frivolity with which it arrives on the streaming platform.

Our Opinion

Sit back, enjoy, and get ready for a silly, inconsequential time that probably won’t solve your problems.

Release Date

July 27, 2023

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